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The presence of coronavirus changes the behavior of both the client and the service provider based on a government decision.


Throughout Studio JS, the obligation to wear veils applies due to the presence of other operators and clients. There is hand disinfection and all sanitary facilities and railings on the stairs and all door handles are disinfected after each use. The reception is adapted so that any waiting clients keep a distance of 2 meters.


Orders and reservations for the massage are set so that there is a break of at least 20 minutes between the individual massages, which I use to change towels, napkins and blankets and disinfect the massage table, headrest and pads.


Due to the need to wash the surfaces, I removed the piece carpets and replaced them with washable pads, which also serve as protection against cold tiles. Fabric curtains are also replaced with antistatic ones.


During the massage, I use a veil to protect myself, as the client does not have to have a veil during the massage. Massages are performed as you know them from before coronavirus.


As before coronavirus, my interest is for clients to feel good and safe and to be able to enjoy the massage in full sips, both energetically and emotionally, and leave with a feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction and a smile on their face.


I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support and I am always happy to see each of you. We can do it together.

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