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About me

Dagmar Sudíková

masseuse with a certificate

I offer you acupressure, rehabilitation, relaxation massages, lava stone massage and for narrower clients also tantric massages, which have become my life mission and my experience dates back to the previous 30 years. In addition to massages, it is possible to undergo magnetotherapy or get taped.


My mission

Relaxing massage (also for pregnant women)

Relaxing massage is a suitable choice for the overall convalescence of body and soul. Perceived touches targeted at the problematic
places supplemented by stimulation of acupressure points will relieve you of stiff muscles (especially in the legs) and various blockages around the spine and neck,
which usually cause headaches. Stimulation of acupressure points supports the body's natural ability to heal itself and relax
nerve pathways from the focus of pain. At the same time, you can wait to release the lymph with acupressure. Treat yourself to a pleasant mixture of touches and leave the massage with pleasant music with a smile on your face.

For pregnant women, a relaxing massage greatly relieves tension in the legs, hips, groin, lower abdomen and back. It also relieves headaches.
At the same time, the massage adds a feeling of total relaxation and has a beneficial effect on the psyche. When the future mother feels wonderful in body and soul,
it will also be reflected in the child's development.

Massage with lava stones

Hot stone massage with a special massage technique perfectly relaxes the body and mind and relieves stress .

Magnetotherapy - with the help of the BIOMAG device you can start solving problems of the vascular system or nerve flows. Also joint and bone problems. Details can be found at


If you have joint or muscle problems, conditions after polio or your body just hurts, it is possible to perform taping outside the massage, or even after the massage, to release the foci of ailments.

Tantric massages

My own desire for touch brought me to tantric massages. From a young age, I like to touch people and embrace everyone I like to see as a matter of course and part of myself. I want to give people a piece of myself even during classic relaxation massages and a lighter tantra in the form of a final relaxing caress you get in the wreath even during relaxation massages and hot stone massages in the form of head, face and décolleté massages.

This has opened up an unprecedented range of tactile experiences and pleasures, but also my own emotions, which, as initiates say, I like to "get angry" during massages :-) months of vigor and joy in life. Sincerity to oneself and one's experiences is liberating.

Smoothing scarves, ostrich feathers, fine hand "brushes" and finer and coarser reeds are available for use. Use is by mutual agreement. Compared to classic full-body massages, count up to three times the price depending on the time and depth of the tantra.

I look forward to you.

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